Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Climbing Mt Blanc

Its been just over two years since I have climbed Mt Blanc. I have got lots of amazing memories about 12 day trip to the Alps at that time. I have found a best friend and climbing partner Paul.

Me and Paul. Top of Mt Blanc

 It wasn't a very technical climb, but not everyone is able to reach the top. Many have tried, many were lucky, many have failed.  I was one of the luckiest ones to succeed.
I have pushed my limits. I have made my self a very happy lady :-D. 

Quick trip to the Alps

First of all motherhood isn't that bad! Now I have got Hannah I have got more time to climb! 
At the end of May 2014 Paul and I had a cheeky trip to Chamonix, France. Cham is one of my favourite places to climb despite a massive fall in to a crevasse a few years back in the area.
To save money we choose to camp out just bellow Cosmique hut down the vallee blanche. For a long time I wanted to test out my new The North Face Mountain 25 tent.
We set off early morning. From the top of the Aiguille du Midi we started to gear up. At that point we realised that my ''baby brain'' is still present, ha ha. I had forgotten to pack some essential safety gear. This had never happened to me before!!!  Thankfully Paul had some spare kit so we could make do. As we were intending to camp (for the first time on snow with our own tent) and climb, we had way too much kg in our packs. Before even 30 min into our walk down the ridge I was already calculating how much money I will get from eBay if I sell all of my gear! To be fair I think as its been only 3 months after giving birth, my body wasn't ready for that kind of challenge. 

We have pitched our tent. The weather wasn't to bad, but it felt like it might turn nasty any second. Night was windy and cold. The Tent did a very good job in those conditions, I just need to figure out something about the the flaps a bit more most likely would do the job.  
Not only was I  trying out my tent for the first time I also tried my new Exped Down 7 sleeping mat. Oh my lord that was the best mat I have ever used so far! It was warm, comfy and unbelievably light. 
In the morning it was obvious that we should of stayed at the hut. As carrying to much isn't the best policy to enjoy your Alpine climbing trip. We packed our stuff and went to the hut. So the second night we will be spending in ''luxury'' :-D. Cosmique hut was full because the 'Millet Expert' Shop had clothing training with the Alpine guides.
  With some luck the hut manager managed to squeeze us in for one night. Happy days. We geared up and went to climb the ArĂȘte des Cosmiques. It was a great mixed climbing climb. A bit to busy for my liking but I enjoyed most of it, apart from two abseils. I HATE ABSEILING!!!!! :-). 
After the climb we had a lovely dinner. At the table we have met some great climbers, one of them was Erik Weihenmayer, he is a big inspiration to me and to many people around the world!  In the mean time, the weather was getting worse :-( we kept looking out of the window with a hope for a bit of sunshine, but it was not to be. 
In the morning we made a choice to go back down as it looked like if we didn't go now, we could get stuck up high in the hut for a week or so. With poor visibility we started to walk back to the cable car. And again I have started auctioning my climbing gear! Plus in-between selling my gear I was thinking of a new hobby: knitting...painting...swimming...sewing...LOL
Over all it was a good trip, I have tested myself and found out that I am out of shape and that I need to work on my fitness a bit before I can do any climbing or even walking.  

Sunday, 24 August 2014

One step closer...

I am on the train and I am going to attend mountain leader training in Scotland. I feel like it's time for me to lead people to the mountains and share my love and passion for outdoors! I am hoping to have ML assessment at the end of October. After that I will start training towards my international mountain leader qualification. 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The biggest challenge yet!!!

I am back and I am back with a bang. My climbing dreams are so close to reality! Big expedition, big mountains ( 7000 m +), new exciting gear to test ( made in mother land), test myself being away for 40 days from my 9 months old baby :-(. If you think that's not an epic adventure think again. Over the next 3 months I will be getting ready for my biggest challenge yet. Lots of news to follow soon ;-)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

As's time...

It's feels like just a few months back I found out that I am going to have a baby :-D!!! And on the 4th of December 13 Hannah was born. One month and a bit and I am ready to reunite with rocky, snowy mountains of Scotland (8th-9th feb). Fingers cross for a good weather! Can't wait!!!!!!!!